Sunday, 31 August 2014

Rimmel Accelerator Lash Endless Mascara Review

No Mascara
Two Coats of Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless
The discovering of a new addition to your make up collection is always very exciting.
When it comes to mascaras however, I am always a bit hesitant!
I have used L’oreal Telescopic Lash Mascara religiously for the past 7/8years, which I absolutely LOVE. Nothing I’ve tried so far can even begin to compete.
With so much talk about Rimmel Accelerator Lash Endless it was time I tried it for myself.
The main barrel is very big, and being triangular it can be a bit awkward to hold, especially when applying to your left eye (if right handed).  As for the plastic wand, I’m quite impressed, if not for slightly short bristles. 

The day-to-day performance of the complex itself is great. Packed full of procapil, keratin and antioxidants, it claims to make your lashes appear longer and stronger over time. I've never noticed a difference, but not only does this volumises well, but it also gives loads of length to my lashes. 
Some have found the consistency a little ‘wet’, but I have had no such problems, only finding it takes a little longer to dry. 
The staying power is good and it proves pretty easy to remove unlike most....all in all, thumbs up from me!

It's not my favourite high street mascara (L'oreal Telescopic Lash keeps that title!) but it's definitely up there, and at only £7.99 it’s excellent value for money.


Tan xx

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Jumper Up

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August seems to have taken a sudden turn for the worst, weather wise, and it seems we'll be digging out the jumpers much sooner than we thought!!! I reached out for a jumper for the first time (in a very long time) this week as London was all washed out. I'm loving the oversize look at the moment, so this thick, Aran knit jumper from Asos was perfect :) 
I must admit I love jumper and coat season, it's my absolute favourite....only for the fashion options of course. I mean no one really loves 'cold & rainy' do they?? For now though, I'll have my jumpers waiting in the ranks while I enjoy the last of the 'late summer warmth'

Smile...tomorrow's Friday!!

Tan xx

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Sunday Polish - Perfect Powder Pink

Essie - Flawless
Avon - Nude 

With this summer near over I thought it would be fitting to do a  nail post in this seasons colour, "Powder Pink".
You may have noticed that I've moved away from nail art recently, and instead adopted a new form of 'fun' when it comes to painting nail.....colour mixing!!!

I am obsessed. With just a few basic base colours you can make absolutely any colour under the sun (ish). This week I just decided to mute down Essie - Flawless, a pale but vibrant shade of pink into a more muted tone by applying a coat of Avon Nude. I cannot get enough of Essie - Flawless at the minute, not only a beautiful colour but it goes on well and appears almost fully opaque after just one coat.

Love Tan xx

Friday, 22 August 2014

Mama Africa


Street & Rail re-visits Malawi today!
I'm very excited to share with you some of the amazing tailored pieces I got made during my 3 months in Malawi. Not only do they have the most wonderful printed fabrics, but find a good tailor and you can get them made into absolutely anything you want. 
.....and that is exactly what I did!!
My very first Chitenje, I fell in love with this fabric, and love it all the more not that it's a dress.
In Malawi, the printed cloth they sell is bought in 2m lengths called "Chitenje's". This is a tradition wrap that cover's women from the waist down.


Tan xx

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Sunday Polish - Fade

Barry M - Nude
Essie - "Pinks"

Going though some old blog photo's I happened to stumble upon this little nail gem that it seems I had completely forgot about.
Before leaving for Malawi, I spent the last few weeks saying goodbye's to friends and family. This nail was inspired and created over iced coffee, with the lovely Sarah Mikaela of Framboise Fashion.
This is a fun and easy summer look for anyone and you can do it with any colours you may have at home. 
Also I love the Barry M - Nude, with a jelly like constancy and pink undertones to a neutral base colour it evens out nail staining or discolouration and never appears too opaque like some others (I like to see a little nail under a nude polish for a more natural look).

Happy Sunday 

Tan xx