Thursday, 28 July 2016

Tip-Top Rooftops

Sunglasses - PradaSilk Blouse - H&MWhite Jeans - H&MWatch - Follie Follie 

One of the things I enjoy the most here in London, (and everywhere else in the world) is a tip top roof top! Clearly there are a few like-minded because the best are surrounded by a swarm of weekending sun-seekers followed by a not so welcoming queued entry. Passing the time couldn't get any easier and nothing sends the afternoon flying into the evening faster than the company of great friends ....or family in my case! (Shout out to my flurry of female cousins and that fabulous sister of mine). Few cocktails in the sky and were set for a spectacular evening of people watching and giggles. 

No so long ago we happened to discover the perfect location for a secret escape in the sky - nothing at all like the standings room only equivalents. The sky lounge in Tower Hill was the perfect chilled Sunday sipping on cocktails and coffee alike and taking in that ever changing, but no less impressive skyline that is London!    
Don’t you just love how summer brings out everyone's all smiling all happy, bubbly side. Perfect time to meet and greet a stranger ;)

A simple "Hi", goes a long way…

Tan xx

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Simply Sweltering

Nightshirt - H&M

London is simply sweltering. 
The weathers done a complete u-turn on the undecided random showers and turned tropical!!

So much so that my sole thought over the last 2 days has been about striping down to my underwear and embracing the cool clean tiles that pave the kitchen floor... that and finding genius ways of living unnoticed out of the air conditioned bliss of the office. Surely no-one would notice if I turned one of the cupboards into a (mini)master suite*.

While I have no complaints about the rising temperatures, trying to get to sleep in the greenhouse that I call a room is near impossible. You’d think the night shirt would do the trick but looks like I need a slip dress or silky co-ord. Good thing nightwear had made its way into the daylight hours. Double the wear means double the budget!! Well that's how i’m about to justify this splurge.
Until then, you'll find me gulping down iced coffee in an attempt to keep cool (...and stay awake)! 

Enjoy it while it lasts, I hear a storm is heading our way :/
Tan xx

*construction managers apply here!

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Inspirational Spaces

 Crop - ASOS
Joni Jeans - TOPSHOP
Watch - Follie Follie
Bangle - & Other Stories

Finding inspiration is one of the daily battles, along with the ever mounting workload (or lack there of) and generally productivity...

Bursting at the seams with new and exciting new spaces, London always has new spaces popping up, and I've found my sweet spot by blurring the lines a little. There are no limits, or realms to which inspiration, its simply a matter of getting out there and experiencing it. It is for that reason why an outfit that ticks all boxes is needed (Current Checklist: Suitable for all four seasons in one day! - London sort yourself out). Black jeans, paired with the essential summer crop and some cute accessories means your fit for any occasion. 

The daily quest for inspiration usually contains a sensible overly generous mix of fab foodie treat, pop-up events and as much sunshine and fresh air as possible. Last weekend was spent exploring Kensington Gardens and the Serpentine's spectacular Summer Pavilion.

P.S Sorry for the late post! Its been one of those days....the ones you can't wait to see the back of... 

Here's to better ones. Roll on the Weekend 
Tan xx