Friday, 20 November 2015

Far From Pyjama Status

Black Top - Vintage
Wide Leg - Warehouse

My boss might actually be convinced that I wear pyjamas to work!!

With little time to play with these days, any outfit that's thrown together and still makes it appear as though to have made an effort is always welcomed.
Thankfully I'm an early bird and have myself well trained, so haven't resorted to such desperate measures ak.a pyjamas.

The wonders of wide leg trousers means it offers both comfort and style - two recipe essentials for any effortlessly-chic outfit seeker.
It's safe to say the this outfit is far from pyjama status 

....this can only mean one thing

....My boss had outfit envy!! 

(Don't worry Mat. It's ok. You can admit it to me ;) )

Happy Friday!

Tan xx

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Athens Adventure - OPA!

I've been dying for the excuse to share some photos from my Greek Get-away. Athens is such a beautiful and cultural city. Filled with breathtaking architecture, old and new, deliciously mouthwatering food, and beautifully friendly locals this would have to be up there on some of my top destinations. 

Then again, I say that after every holiday!

Note: To all coffee lovers out Greece do the BEST iced coffee and their Cappuccino Freddo is a must! Creamy, frothy, strong, not too sweet...
Coffee perfection in a glass!
Tan xx

Friday, 6 November 2015

20 Fenchurch Street

Dress - Zara 

A true city girl, the places to explore are just endless.
If heights are not your thing then this one definitely isn't for you. As the highest garden in London, it is nothing less than impressive. The top of the skyscraper, predominantly glass, offers up and amazing view of everything London has to offer.

Perched amidst a garden in the sky in a simple leather trim dress, cocktail in hand watching the sunset go down and there's not much else you can ask for after a long day at work!

Have a Nice Weekend!

Tan xx

P.S Apologies for the delay - Karoke Night is to blame ;)