Wednesday, 2 September 2015

August Insta Round Up

I've been busy capturing some of this summers special moments on Instagram. 

Aside from fashion, something I really enjoy is photography, and theres nothing better than being happy snappy when the suns out, and everyone is happy bouncing from place to place. If you can't already tell I have definitely been one of those happy snappers bouncing about London....

...and theres ever more to discover.

Hugs & Kisses

Tan xx

Friday, 21 August 2015

Sunday Wonder

Slipping into a simple Sunday cami and relaxing in these wide leg wonders is always a pleasure. Cool and comfy is just what I’m looking for in the stick humid summer, something my hair has not been dealing well with (Frizz Central)!  in this humidity.

Moving ever faster, in the ever busier city. It is always nice to have some down time and where else to spend it other than in this beautiful flower garden sharing belly laughs with the family, more specifically my grandparents. 
Having spent most of my childhood in their house, mostly up to mischief, climbing the apple tree and running laps around the kitchen. Every room and piece of furniture is a welcome reminder from our childhood…the good old days.

Friday Fun-day - Hope you're having fun 

Tan xx

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Summer Glowing - Beauty Post

Summer perks would have to include beauty routine...or the lack there of! With the all too humid morning commute on the tube we are all too familiar with the dewy skin finish we are left with - none other than from being hot an sweaty (Yes I said it!). Embrace the natural shine and why not add a little summer glowing of your own?!

I prefer cream highlighters applied to high cheek bone and under the brow. The cream allows for fast finger application in the mornings before work and a even finish. Finger application also means you get the product exactly where you want it! A quick an easy trick for creating your own cream highlighters is to press your finger into a lightly shimmered eyeshadow in a shade you would buy your highligher, and rub into place with a tiny bad of moisturiser or foundation. 
If you prefer a powder MAC's global glow mineralize skin finish is a must. Just enough of the golden marbled glints to be picked up in the sun.

Keep Smiling 

Tan xx