Thursday, 28 April 2016

Signature Skin(care)

Unblinking, brow furrowing, lip chewing concentration. 
Little habits like these are doing my face no favours. With ever changing needs, I'm endlessly searching for the signature skincare routine to suit me. It's a great way to showcase your personality, show off in the sunshine and maximise your time in the morning (who doesn't want to spend more time sipping coffee and staring into space). It can take some trial and error to find the look, but here are some tips to help you find your signature routine.

Take some time to decipher your skin type. It's really helps to know how your skin reacts naturally, as well as any problem areas. Skincare ranges usually cater to a standard range of skin types: Oily, Normal, Combination, Dry, Sensitive.
Don’t stress if you can’t work it out yourself, some skincare brands like dermalogica and Kiehl's offer this as a complimentary service in store, but bare in mind that they are responding to how your skin is that day. Only you will know what it’s like day in day out. 
My skin fluctuates seasonally, so I switch to different products to work with this, rather than forcing my skin to be something it’s not. Using aggressive alcohol based products to fight the shine, will only the problem worse.

Dig out all of your skincare products. And I mean all.. 
First things first, its out the window with the ones that have been sat at the back of the bathroom shelf for too long to remember. Aged produced actually do your skin more harm than good. 
Sit down with what your left with and figure what really works for you, what you like and why. This will all help in your signature skincare search.
TOP TIP: There’s a small sign at the back of most products that show their shelf-life Check it out…

Now you know your skin type and roughly what your looking for in a product. Notice my use of the word “product”, who knows this could be a cream… gel… mousse… mask… serum… the possibilities are endless!
There's a wealth of inspiration out there so immerse yourself in all things skincare. Browse Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, look at bloggers and youtubers with similar skin types and problem areas, what do they use? Talk to friends, colleages, skincare counter specialists.  
It’s out there at the very end of your fingertips and all within reach…

Don’t be nervous, this is the fun bit. Get out there and let yourself experiment with new products. This doesn’t mean you have to spend millions on magical remedies. It could be as simple as using tea tree oil to treat pimples and blemishes.
I’ve recently traded in my pricey cleanse and tone favourites for a for quick and simple Orange Flower Water alternative. Not only have I found that it works better for me, but more importantly its natural and uncomplicated. Exactly what I’m looking for.   
Remember it’s important to focus on compatible products to treat or compliment your own skin. So find ones that really work and ones that you will want to use every day. This will take some trial and error but you’ll get there.

Results won’t come instantly and you have to accept that. Be Patient. Tempting as it is to abandon a product within a week when you don’t see results, stick at it! Your persistence could pay off. I’m pretty strict with myself and don’t buy new product to replace anything till something is finished. The exceptions are seasonal products or those that cause skin irritation. Never persist with a product that clearly doesn’t agree with you.
Be reasonable. Don’t rely on a 20-step routine that relies on you dedicating 2 hours of your day to skincare. Realistically its never going to last.


Although it tempting to stick with a regimented routine It's still important to experiment. If you find something that works, then great stick with it, but don’t be scared to try new things too. It's always fun to switch things up! Who know’s, you may find something even better ;)

Love & Kisses,
Tan xx

Thursday, 21 April 2016

South Kensington

Parka - Mango 
Top - Zara
Sunglasses - Prada
Jeans - H&M
Pumps - Zara

With the sunshine slowly appearing here in London, this calls of course for a myriad of  outdoor activities, all of which I could have done anyway but....just would have been a lot colder and a lot wetter! This way I have an excuse to up the caffeine and the ice cream intake two fold (gelato if I can get my hands on it ;)) 

You will now find me dashing around London without the multitude of layers I've been hibernating underneath and instead sporting the fab new navy parka.

Sunshine being so scarce here in London I see no problem in brings the summer toward to suit... out come the whites, pastels and floaty florals.

Hope you've had a Fantastic Week!!

Tan xx

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Little Luggage

Handbag - TK Maxx

Ask any woman whats in her handbag and you’ll get a rather monotonous reply….”You Know?! Essentials”….a response usually followed by a wry smile. The weight, on the other hand tells a completely different story. 

Although I’d like to think the contents of my bag look like these previously, perfectly packed bag edits, the reality of my handbag clutter resemble that of a micro-hoarder. I wouldn’t be surprised if I found a dazed pet in there! 
Despite the fact that I carry everything I may need for the eventuality of being stranded on desert island, (Yes…in the middle of London!) I can never actually find anything when I’m looking for it. The humiliation of digging and digging, pulling out the random contents in public! It always seems to happen when you’ve reached the till and can’t find your credit card?! or when you show up for the gym and you know you’ve got your members card on you, but…oh where is it?! Oh that’s right I don’t have a gym… by bad!

Any who, I digress! 
I have embraced the new miniature sized arm-candy obsessions and condensed my clutter to the bare minimal (aka as much as I can stuff in!).
A life time of big bags and oh the relief! 
Do it! Trust me... You'll thank yourself, then me of course ;)

Happy Thursday!!!
Tan xx 

P.S. No Dazed pets were harmed in the making of this post (…or the decluttering of handbags)!