Thursday, 11 February 2016

Hazel Gaze

I wouldn't consider myself constrained by fashion, but I like most have those days where I just fancy a change. Big or small, just something...

Last year is happened to be a big change, with drastically shorter locks than usual. It was something I thought about for years before actually taking the plunge, and I don't think I'm quite brave enough to be quite so bold this time so a subtle change it was.

I've been playing around with contact lenses and absolutely love this two-toned hazel variation. I'll admit they take a little getting used to a first (it is an alien object sat on your eyeball) but they are super fun and can completely change your face.

Anything fun planed for Valentine's Weekend?
Love + Hugs + Kisses
Tan xx

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Mount Martha

 Mesh Bikini Top - New Look
Tassel Bikini Bottoms - ASOS
Lace Top - eBay

Sun. Sea. Sand. Fish & Chips! 

Dreaming?! I think not. This is exactly what I got up down at Mount Martha with Cara and Amy.
We welcomed in the new year by the ocean. Swimming in aqua blue waters. Gazing at sensational sunsets. Piecing together impossible puzzles. (Mindfully colouring for Cara).

Having spent the last few months filling every second of my time with an item from the never ending to-do list it was time to escape. And escape I did!! ….for a whole 5 weeks! 
I’ve returned with a new lease of energy but have realised that our new modern day lifestyle is fatally flawed. We no longer allow ourselves to sit back and relax. Enjoy the company of the people around you and just… exist! 

Call it a resolution if you will, but this is a mindset i’ll be adopting more often.

Hope your having a Great Week!

Tan xx

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Insta Down Under

Hellooo again guys,

So sorry for the absence of late - guess what?  Back from down under in 

L O N D O N    T O W N 

(Note: super jet lagged…)

After nearly two days travelling and straight back into work, I’ve hit the ground running and it’s been all systems go go go...
Still a little disorientated I spent the first week falling asleep before 10pm and sat wide awake at 2am craving meals that don’t correspond with the right time zone. 
Back on track and catching up on life, I'm nearly there with the photo editing woohoo :)
For now Catch Up with a Snap Shot from Down Under on my instagram 

Hope you are all surviving the cold. 
Can't wait to share some my Adventures Down Under! 

Happy Thursday :)
Tan xx